1 small boy; snow fun submit 1 by Mark Potts

Bouncing around with joy.

Knowing snow time is show time.

Just one more sleep till toy time.

It’s hard to sleep with this excitement.

Up and at it at 4.30 am

Sneak down to see them.

Toys under tree wrapped.

Tearing at paper to see what I’ve got.

Not my entire list; but I’ve got a lot.

Fine and dandy till I was six.

Then no presents again;

Drove us kid’s insane.

Had White Christmas,

Just become grey?

Snow more fun!

With coal eyes.

Carrot nose.

Scarf round neck;

What a pose.

Slip sliding run,

Snow ball fun.

Hit avalanche;

Rooftop slides.

It falls;

We run and hide;

Behind our snowman;

Who’s got thinner?

We knew

He had missed his dinner.

So we felt swell;

Knowing we weren’t the only ones,

who missed Christmas as well.

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