Dunblane by Tricia Marcella Cimera

O little children of Dunblane

it’s been almost twenty years

since your parents ran

screaming your names.

There was March frost

upon the icy lane,

there was a man with a gun


in Dunblane.

O little children, your names

are on a terrible list

that through the years,

in different places,

has grown and grown —

insane, insane.




The victims of the 1996 Dunblane Primary School massacre in Dunblane, Scotland were:  Victoria Clydesdale, aged 5; Emma Crozier, aged 5; Melissa Currie, aged 5; Charlotte Dunn, aged 5; Kevin Hasell, aged 5; Ross Irvine, aged 5; David Kerr, aged 5; Mhairi McBeath, aged 5; Brett McKinnon, aged 6; Abigail McLennan, aged 5; Emily Morton, aged 5; Sophie North, aged 5; John Petrie, aged 5; Joanna Ross, aged 5; Hannah Scott, aged 5; Megan Turner,aged 5; Teacher Gwenne Mayor, 45.

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