Panic Attack by Mark Potts

Panic attack, no picnic

No picnic;

Just panic attack.

Float along on life’s board;

Panic attack,

Knocks on my door;

Tsunami wave,

Rocks me once more.

Unsteady knowing the ride;

Give me strength to survive.

Panic attack;

Know it’s here.

Oh my dear!

Do they see my fear?

No picnic,

Just panic.

At times so manic.

Where to run to;

Where to hide.

Feeling venerable,

When I’m outside.

Panic attacks don’t care,

They hit you anywhere.

It’s here,

It’s there.

It’s scary,

So unfair

Makes me skits’,

Mores a pity.

Ugly thing,

Not very pretty.

Anywhere, any time;

Feel like deaths here.

It’s no picnic!

Panic attacks real fear;

Don’t like it,

Don’t want it;

Wish it would disappear.

Panic attacks like a

Wasp on my finger.

I can’t shake it of

It’s a proper stinger.

Panic attack, ide

Rather have diarrhoea;

Least that’s flushable.

I could wave; see yah!

Fuck me;

I feel it while I rhyme.

Panic attack;

Any place any time.

My heart beats faster;

I’m all of a flutter.


It makes me feel, like a nutter.

Short breath,

Strong heart beat;

Hope I don’t loose my feet.

Flapping like a bird;

Needing some air,

Giza paper bag,

So I can inhale,

Catching my breath;

I’m not going to fail.

People ask; are you ok?

Panic attacks no picnic:

Even when it’s at bay.

It’ll strike now,

Soon, later;

Or another day.

Panic attacks never far away.

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