A Global View by Daniel Black

A global view, an eagles eye,

By night and day they know no sleep,

Above us all the AWAC’s fly,

As through all frequencies they sweep.

Their scanners watch the hostile sky,

A whispered song to satellites,

For SIGINT infinitely shy,

Whose arcs leave sparks on starry nights.

A sudden strike, an ELINT’s cry,

Directing drones like worker bees,

Delivers target ordinates,

A summer swarm of UAV’s.

Our trustworthy subordinates,

Exacting justice as they find,

Do as they’re told and don’t ask why,

For out of sight is out of mind.



AWAC           :           Airborne Warning And Control            :                  (ay-wak)

SIGINT           :           Signals Intelligence                              :                    (sy-jint)

ELINT            :           Electronic Intelligence                           :                    (ee-lint)

UAV               :           Unmanned Aerial Vehicle                      :             (yu-ay-vee)

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