I Won’t Pray by Omole Ibukun

Wielders of knives
Enders of lives
Defenders of God
Beheaders of men
You borrowed them your wisdom
as a conscience for the kingdom,
you were the voice of freedom,
yet u are sentenced to matyrdom.
Do they care if they’re
committing a crime
against all the sculpters of rhyme?
I feel like firing the F-word
but for the fear of firing squad.
U warred their world with words,
your art becomes an act,
an act that touches the heart,
an act that cleanses the earth.
I have faith in fate
but i did not pre-meditate
that yours would be death
by the caliphate of hate.
To believe is hard
To pray is hard
The pain won’t let me pray hard,
For Ashraf Fayadh…

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