Mankind & Humanity by Daniel Black

Let all our history rewind,

And what we generally find is:

Though not intrinsically inclined,

Still man is cruel, and not mankind.


So much to lose, so much to gain,

If only humans were humane.

Without the slaughter and the slain,

Without the pogroms programmed pain

And all mans weeping blood-soaked stain…

If only humans were humane.


No need for sacred or profane,

Invented only to enchain,

To hold, control, to preordain,

To regulate, conform, constrain,

No sin, no kin’s eternal shame,

No need for guilt, nor greed insane…

If only humans were humane.


We cannot now, be born again,

But if we hold our pride to deign,

To find the will and heart to fain

All that we could, in truth attain:

We might not all have lived in vain.

So say it unadorned and plain,

Though we are Abel to raise Cain;

If mankind is to yet remain…

Humanity must turn humane.


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