Contaminated by Nina Lewis

Persecuted for opposition,

for opening a window

between the Islamic world and the West

just to let a breath out and inhale one back in.

Words on paper accompanied by your burning.

What it is to be a poet

born into a land of suppressed voices.

The West now watches,

signs petitions, gets politicians to read

and share your poetry.

You are chasing time and we

are trying to prevent stone set decisions

in a country of archaic ruling.

Your inappropriate relations with women,

with your arms crossed

and space between your bodies

fully clothed, gallery art

hanging behind you.

Accused of spreading ideals

and connecting.

It is these links they fear,

this is why legal representation

was disallowed.

They know you’re innocent.

You mention bikini and period,

tread the edge of rules

in a country of frontiers,

you find heat beneath your feet, welcoming.

Sentenced to death for apostasy,

for believing in freedoms

of expression and belief.

Another voice almost silenced.


Nina Lewis can be found at:

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