For Ashraf Fayadh by John Mackie

Not Sato’s sword poetic

a scimitar : a

keen sweep of Chinese steel

posed as

the will of God


how might it be

that you believe you can

chop the absence of belief

from the shoulders of this apostate


are ideas then objects in the mind

to be flung like pebbles

by  a scything blade


to do so is only to confirm

the absence of god

the steady pump of oil

powering the one percent


all the thin white dukes

the belly heavy sheiks

plumping up the dense cities

with oil and water


they collude

with the argument of cruelty

as a proof of God

some will protest but


forgive me poor poet says the roustabout

but petroleum leaves no trace of poverty

on me



3 thoughts on “For Ashraf Fayadh by John Mackie

  1. Poem for Ashraft
    The piles of bodies resume motion
    After morning’s execution of the poet’s blasphemy:
    Renounced by guardians of fascist faith
    That gives their god another useless sacrifice

    Unappeased the dawn feeds its own lion mouth
    With freedom’s roar of the ordinary day
    Bleeds love for him and writers
    In dawn’s marriage of souls’ insurrection

    Levitating sun

    Chris Iles(save the ‘unconverted’)

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