maybe on the next plain by Jennifer Croft

immersed in a world
that thinks its fair
to disorentate
and parade all and nothing
hiding behind closed doors
yet the gates left open

i dont no what im hopin
but im not finding it here
maybe on the next plain
i can finally win this game

im sure all can say the same
deranged time
fornicating into a decent glass of wine
but my whine
is not to those moments
they just help the grand impress more

its the homicidal manics that i fear
are the cause.
the ones breaking their necks
so all others suffer
the ones that plunder
say one thing
yet share with them-selves.

-lessness has to be the winner
yes we may be a sinner for the greater good
for the majority of us all
but those back stabbing
evilly conniving
short-sited bastards that only fill their own pockets
while the world rockets
to a poorer dimension

im sad to say they should be hanged
have their eyeballs banged
outta their heads
and replaced by ones that can see
what they openly missed
before their quickly not missed.

it wouldnt suprise me
if what we see
are really clones whilst the real them
sit home and gloat whilst keeping warm
with a trillion dollar note

yet hope
it does spring eternal
i pray they see the light
the right
the decent way

not to harm but to help
not to eradicate or gloat
but to be kind and share the wealth
stop suffacating the poor
so the rich feel so assured
i cant help but pause

a dreams a dream
and reality is final
they will only lose when
we arnt here to be
bullied anymore
and that aint fair

we are all here to share
the land, the water
the wealth and immunity
civilisation has given us
not to cause a ruckus in our own backyards
or similars
in far-away lands

trouble on your doorstep,
the poor
the homeless
the wrongs
the abuse use of force,
it all means we cant help somewhere else
till we help ourselves

i dont know what this goverment has planned
but i demand
they pull there finger
stop using human life as a stirrer
in the cauldron of humanity
and live live that belongs in the lane
of sanity.

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