Cry Freedom by David Barber

I’ve lived in the time of Mandella
Mahatma Ghandi and J F K.
John Lennon’s song of imagining
and Martin’s dream of a day.
Maya Angelou, Adrian Mitchell
and a freedom fighter called Che,
I heard strange fruit boldly sung
by Billie Holiday.
And a Man called Malcolm X
who sure had something to say,
all legends beyond their lifetimes
against injustice, come what may.
So wield the pen slay the sword
be a voice and find a way,
echo it loud for Ashraf Fayedh
who waits with his life to pay.
Yes, a Poet can be silenced
made to kneel,
for execution.
A severed head falls
by the hand of oppression,
but the words written are eternal
they will outlast empires
and reigns of Kings and Queens.
A phoenix rising,
on the pulse of freedom.

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