State Run by Kushal Poddar

After the suicide attack,
settles the dust. Dust seems
gained some weight. Night did.

Something remains
in silence of the crickets,
blinded pane, the corner
of the bed that goes
through the bay of the wall,
painted chrome.
It does something to me.

Some things I cannot say.
I can say, I  am one now.
You may see me now.
You may not in the next.

I cannot tell you what
I cannot tell to my mother
when she called.
They thought I shall kill my madness
and kept me in a state run asylum
for the weekend
so that I may not.


Kushal Poddar, widely published in several countries, prestigious anthologies included Men In The Company of Women, Penn International MK etc, Van Gogh’s Ear, been featured amongst the poets for the month December by Tupelo Press, Vine Leaves Literary Journal’s Best of 2014 and in various radio programs in Canada and USA presently lives at Kolkata and writing poetry, fictions and scripts for short films when not engaged in his day job as a lawyer in the High Court At Calcutta and an English Language Trainer in various universities. He is editor of the online magazine ‘Words Surfacing’ He authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’ (Spare Change Press, Ohio), “A Place For Your Ghost Animals” (Ripple Effect Publishing, Colorado Springs), and “Understanding The Neighborhood” (BRP, Australia).

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