The Games of Hunger by Frances Smith

    Careless power games;  Hungry games of power:

That internal asking question deep inside their core aching

screaming, crying for something to alkalize the acid burning the hole

that erodes the essence of life.

“Food glorious food.”  The right of every living being

realising the potential of Hippocrates words…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

 For healing and sustaining life switching on the bright lights of the soul

 light energy, the life force within.

“Though not by bread alone”

There is darkness in only white bread

when empty food poisons the soul, being fatally controlled by invisible

powers of wanton desire  that be fat cats who don’t know care, nor grace:

Reapers, rapers, takers;   paunches, pouches pockets bursting full

Remember Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist?

 He and Nancy asked not only for more but  “Where is love?”

Where is the love that cares for the orphaned child

of the battered wife of the wayward husband?

Where is the love that fulfils us with love and fills

the black acid hole of hunger with nutritious food?

Where is the love that fills loneliness with friendship and

makes us whole in spirit being able to fruit joy and peace and happiness ?

Where is the love from The Word that feeds us all

medicinal nourishing food?

The love that does not allow hunger.

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