Red Tears by David Patrick O’C

Teardrops shouldn’t flow red like this
and not from his lips
drawn by a violent, impulsive, kiss
from his wife’s fists.

Dark shades won’t hide blue/green
smudge below his eye.
The kids will hear another
excuse or sports lie,
“Sometimes she gets a bit wild.”
Forcing out a smile.
Fear of losing them
in forgiveness is disguised.

Pushing him to hit back,
one defensive attack.
She taunts, “Just one whack.”
It’s all she needs
to strip his dignity
cos who’s the courts gonna believe?
His wife is fragile and petit,
she’s delicate and weak.
Justice gets deceived.
You’d never guess her abusive streak.

Tells himself it’s better than being
as she grinds away his soul.
And where could he go?
…don’t men have all control!
So he meekly creeps to hug his kids goodnight.
Then readies himself as a punching bag for his wife.

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