The Edge by Alexander Rhodes

We stand at the edge,

futile battles rage behind

a billion words of rhetoric pledged

products of twisted minds

Fighting for peace that lays in shards

the beating drums on every side

drowning the silence of lifeless hearts

poisoned by a billion lies

no matter whether east or west

no matter the religion

No war will turn out for the best

each bullet fired brings derision

Every bomb exploding mockery

shrapnel splintered pieces

lay bare the fact the human race

is failing as a species

innocent bodies lie in rubble

propaganda stirs the fools

borders close along with minds

collective fear becomes the tool

with which the puppets and their masters

attempt to manipulate the choices

bringing a new world order faster

stifling dissenting voices

We are standing at the edge

Time to put aside our fears

Time for us to stand together

Time to stop the floods of tears

we have to make a stand

we have no choice, this is the time

for humanity to raise their hands

Forget about what’s yours or mine

 Learn to act as one entity

every soul in every place

or are we just too blind to see

as we lose this human race

Our spirit still remains

The pure love with which we’re born

we must throw off this systems chains

and the flags we may have worn

Listen to your heart

don’t be consumed by fear

Before they tear our world apart

let’s make our feelings clear

We are standing at the edge

and it doesn’t matter why

we have no choice but to jump

so will we fall, Or will we fly?

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