I’ll smoke this cigarette by Nevada Nicole Morgan

I’ll smoke this cigarette
Feeling the urge slip into an ease
The ease of a new addiction
An addiction so free.

Its the feeling of calm
The calm smoke in my lungs
Straight to the head
It’s the urges slip slipping
Exhale so smoothly
So easily this addiction
Has grabbed me,

Pulled me in
One addiction to the next
Two years clean
And that can so easily be tamed
With the calm smoke of a cigarette.
No needles.
No spoons.

A lighter and a cigarette
A head rush that
Slip slips away
The urges of a sting
The rush through my veins
The swimming that I crave.

But this cigarette
This cigarette
This calm, calm cigarette
So calm and so free

I should feel ashamed
But I feel a release
No sting
No swimming
Swimming through my veins
That NA can’t relieve.

So I’ll smoke this calm cigarette
I’ll inhale the poison
The poison of this
Calm, calm cigarette
And feel so relieved
Of no sting.

No needles
No spoons
No swimming
No stealing
No anger or hatred
Only the smoke
Of this calm, calm cigarette.

I’ll inhale and feel the temptations
Slip slipping away into a release
Thanks to this calm, calm cigarette,
I’ll feel relieved.
I’ll feel free of the urges
Of the good old sting.
The swimming, the stealing
That these cigarettes don’t bring.

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