Blackberry Winter by Vincent Dill

Soon the Dogwoods will bloom, and
bring one last gasp;
A eulogy for winter-
a final little bit of cold remembrance
for our unwashed faces.

Summer is for a different song. Brand new wrongs,
slick fingers and
a sunnier side of sin. The good kind.
Twixt those sweaty inner thighs
hides a secret worth savoring; a secret worth harboring.
Salvation is warm and…
I digress.

In the interim lies spring,
when we debate the merits of
crucifixion and/or fertility.
Around here, crucifixion wins since
we love a good murder
more than a good fuck.
Who am I to argue?

So we wait for
something different.
Breath bated –
anxiously anticipating change
with a hitch in our collective chest.

That change will come but
not before the blackberries have had their say.

One thought on “Blackberry Winter by Vincent Dill

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