Who’s Next by Mark Carlisle

When there is nobody left to kill.
Will we bomb the rubble anyway?
Then send the taxpayers the bill,
to grease the wheels of economy.

When the middle east is irradiated
Will there be an everlasting peace?
Or do we find someone new to be hated?
Who will sit on the ducking stool’s seat?

Maybe it will be the turn of the old?
Or the disabled, or even the poor?
Will this blood lust ever grow cold?
Just so the rich can keep having more?

Impoverished ghettos, a world of pain.                                                       
Will they all form an orderly queue?
Lining up for the transport trains.
To be executed live on pay per view.

We should have abolished slavery.
Maybe we could have equal rights?
Who is there able to pave the way?
Bring us out of the dark into the light.

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