The Journey by Angela E Brooks

The man said no worry, we’d be okay,

I wanted to know how much we’d pay

He said five thousand, you pay today.


We broke the bank, found all we had

Said goodbye to the cat, the children were sad

I told them, when we got there they would be glad.


We paid the money and climbed into the boat

We had all our possessions and I’d left a note

For the landlord to find when we were afloat


I said Allah would help us, my husband would work

We had nothing to fear, we would not be back

Our spirits were high as we left our shack.


It all went so smoothly, the sea was like glass

But somewhere in the middle this came to pass

The wind and the rain turned the seas to wet death.


The night grew so black, the wind chased the stars

And the gusting and howling went on for hours

Our children were held tight in the cage of our arms.


There was weeping of women amid the cries of the men

The boat rolled to one side then rolled back again

We were sitting in vomit, ignoring our pain


As we crashed and we fell in that sodden Hell

Then my children, my babies, slipped out of my hold

And over the side into that ocean, so cold


And the screams of my darlings as “Mama!” they cried

Split the night, split my heart as my spirit died

My pleadings to Allah to save us, denied.


As the storming winds stopped, the rain faded away

That Wintry sun shone on a scene of dismay

On the waves of the ocean that  terrible day.


My babies, all five, they were hidden from me

Though I cried and I screamed out to Allah “Oh Please

Bring my babies back, bring them back to me”.


Now I’ve reached the safety of these foreign shores

But I’m dead to this world and want nothing more

Than to go back to the ocean and hear the winds roar.


And I’ll enter the sea, and I’ll walk till I’m gone

For the lives of my children so cruelly torn

From my arms, for I wish I had never been born.

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