The day death died by Jonathan Beale

“Pfizer makes its products to enhance and save the lives of the patients we serve.” . “Pfizer strongly objects to the use of its products as lethal injections for capital punishment.”


Morality!  Blindly strident –

Coloured by years of the moss corrupting –

Blinding all vision – until vision becomes


And is led by the cries of the crowd

Kill!  Kill!  Kill!

That unholy innocent trinity of Sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride to stop the heart.

Incidental overtones from a chemistry class

Perhaps – who knows?

The bewildering abstract

Of a so-structured-death.

Between too much day-time TV

And The Good Book.

From the hands of lives that have

lead to preserve life

And save.

And save.

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