Instagratification byJodie Rose McLoughlin

Every moment documented
Live chat video, instant feeds
Pigging out on validation
Always watching
Always there

For you
there’s the ever present macro-lens
of micro conversations
and the little interactions

It’s hard to live without them
Watching you
Watching them

Caring about only a couple of dozen or so,
twittering twatty feuds –
a celebrity PR orgy
1 comment = 1 orgasm

Fapping as your keypad’s tapping
Self-abusive internet usage
Oh look there’s a baby laughing and clapping!

Silly videos of drunk girls in cars
Gifts of GIFS
Of fab fake felicitation
Facing up to your memories

‘One year ago today’ you went out for lunch with friends, paid for with your meagre wage….
….after crying yourself to sleep the night before –
but that won’t increase your status will it?
Your story has a missing page

You face this book like a fairground mirror
Reflecting the distorted truth
of what you want them to see

Only – problem is
Reality is too ugly
for the flowery filter settings
Planting envy and seeds of doubt
Poisoning thoughts: that what you’re doing,
is never good enough

We need them to:
Tell us that we’re doing ok
Must show them your special, lovely day
Because it can’t have really been THAT great,
unless everyone else knows

Did you hear about the:
New 21st century garden fence?
A hot-bed of perceived offence
No tone, lack of context and face-value judgements
All too quick to jump to our own defence

Our daily diaries are no longer secret
We want them all to hear and see,
our tragedies, triumphs and tribulations –
all that there is to you and me

Instant gratification –
it comes at a hefty price
You cannot sugar coat human nature
Defriend and block out all the things not so nice…..

Like the image of us all joined together and interconnected
A cyborg human centipede
Getting sick from the forced consumption
of everyone else’s life waste

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