Iconoclast by Jodie Rose McLouglin

Be it multi-millionaire celebrities
Sports personalities or the Crown
We rarely ever hesitate
when it comes to tearing the bastards down!

Where has our ‘respect’ gone?
These people are human too, they FEEL
Well, we have no qualms about questioning the elite
who’ve forgotten what it’s like to be real

In a cosseted right-wing fantasy land
They never give the poor a hand,
because everything comes down to
‘discipline and hard work’

Most folk ignore entitlement or privilege from birth
When they see the sycophants gushing and waving,
their reptile masks must crack with mirth
Laughing at deluded fools
who only see what they’ve been told to see

Behold the leaders draped in gold!
Who we’re told we must respect
just because they’re rich and old!

Beyond accountability
Bringing investment to the State
Yet the fawners never comment on,
how much of what’s ours they truly take

If you think they’re looking out for your interests
If you think that they really care
If your delusions override facts and you like to cling to fantasy
Our soapboxes will never float away,
we’ll always be right there!

To tell you the inconvenient truth
The Establishment doesn’t care if you live or die
In fact if you die
all the better
Less burden on the state,
you forfeit,
your citizens right to the slice of human pie!

Not a super fan or Subject
Never a doting, idolising clone
We’d rather speak up for the things we believe in
every time
than be a contented, compliant little clone

Watch your talent shows as the world falls down
The media is your FRIEND
Illuminating the REAL actual truth
With you since birth, right now
and in the END

The eyes they see you
Symbolism of triangular rulers in the sand
They trick you into buying,
consuming the hatred,
towards fellow humans from divided lands

Chopped into borders and checkpoints
Carved by their own evil, occultist hands

Their only God is money
Nothing sacred, nothing is holy
I wish we were wrong but in my heart I know we’re right
Is world peace and equality possible??
If only!
If only…..

you wouldn’t
think I’m disgusting, bitter, disrespectful and obsessed
by the notions of oppression and class!
For pointing out the truth about the way things really are
Proud to be ‘the other’
The critical scathing iconoclast

Ignore us and allow yourself to be happy
Pretending that the world isn’t going to hell
Rotating as the blood oil flows

We’ll be right here to comfort you
and we’ll try not to say
“First you laughed at us”, and
”We told you so”!

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