All the Gay Killer Whales by Antony Owen

Man created sea-worlds so Jack and Jill and Ahmed could marvel at

incarcerated blackfish jumping through hoops like humans and nobody

cared how blackfish exhibited gay behaviour so long as they were happy

or to use another word for happy – gay.


Man created two kind of pens – one to write with and another to trap calves

where gay dolphins and orcas exhibit sad behaviour to make us all feel gay.

Did you know that when an orca cries it sounds just like a human baby and

There are no Christian or Muslim Orca’s they lost their faith in men and mice.


It interests me how giraffes stand so straight yet ninety four per cent are gay,

they rub against each other’s necks forming heart-shapes in the faux Serengeti

that man made for humans who were allowed to believe in any god they chose.

It interests me how nobody cares if giraffes are gay, free, captive or atheists.


I saw a moderate human today and he and she were different going about life

in different ways but sharing the same road that took them to Asda where

Suki served a white man about fifty and they exchanged massive small-talk

that’s far more powerful than a sly fox reporting the nature of mammals.

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