Misdirection by Dominic Albanese

get mad at a gun
see if that gun even gives a tiny fuck
what is missing is real…..revolt…
political mall practice
profit over people
corporate indifference
“this too shall pass”
n next month
it will be all bout Bambi…..n….Godzilla
voice of people now is
falling on deaf ears
“thoughts n prayers”
are as empty
a a clip of that AR….left still hot
with blood n burned gun powder
nope …..look at eyes dead inside
we pay ball players millions
teachers gotta buy pencils
with a wage slave salary
ya got it all wrong……..ask your self me you an
aunt Tabitha n uncle Barney
what can I give
what can I get
elect no body….chase em out
call for a voice of reason
a pat on yr ass….and a kiss for a baby

4 thoughts on “Misdirection by Dominic Albanese

  1. “….It will all be bout Bambi…..n…..Godzilla….”
    “….Aunt Tabitha n Uncle Barney….”
    Reason a-come…..

    Thanks Dominic Albanese
    ( Forza-Alba !)


    Liked by 1 person

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