(In)Humanity by Clive Oseman

Love and compassion survive,
cling to their lives by the thinnest of threads
as darkness thrives,
hides in every crevice
until the time is right
to strike at the fabric of our being.

When the lights go out
on one, or fifty, or any number of our people
through obscene beliefs of twisted minds-
the pits of those who despise difference
so aim the guns of their insistence
on the innocent and decent-
The world stands still for the blink of an eye
then moves on in the same direction
as everyone forgets
no lessons learned
nothing done, as if their fate was earned.

The only certain bet
is that whoever is taken next
the world will go on turning for the rest,
and no matter how many lives are shattered,
it’s like they never really mattered.

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