Hate by Jo Watson

It isn’t the depression
Or inconsistent mood
Don’t blame anxiety
Or questionable junk food
Alcohol’s irrelevant
I don’t care the state
It’s not rocket science really
It is the hate

It’s not about attachment
Or lack of good support
Don’t blame the doctors
Or the old school report
Leave relationship history
Outside of the debate
Cos it’s not about anything
Other than the hate

I’m sick of the excuses
The cop outs and the lies
I’ve had it with the slander
Of what it all implies
‘It’s mental health problems’
Oh hang on a minute … wait!
That doesn’t make you kill someone
-that would be the hate

It’s hateful ideology
Hateful symbols, hateful words
And the building up belonging
Of the vile little herds
Then they set out their mission
-Let’s make no mistake
It’s incites the worst of acts
And it’s all about the hate

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