Doesn’t Play Well with Others by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

Let’s face it
we don’t play nicely with others
Our report card has got an F
An eff all to co-operation
Over 50% gone morally deaf

Old making decisions on the future of the young
Young vilifying the old
The educated versus the less educated
Oh what a vile spectacle to behold!

The left as divided as ever
Socialism and cohesion seems dead
Point out your concerns about the most vulnerable though,
and it’s all speculation
It’s all in your head

In our heads –
tapping into our collectivism
Like our rabid fear of the bogeyman ‘others’
You talk about taking back sovereignty and control –
but you’ll soon be complaining when your rights are eroded,
soon be moaning when your independence smothers

You, don’t give a damn about people like me
and I resent you in part
But it isn’t your fault that you’ve been fed misinformation
by a media and establishment with money at its putrid heart

I will never acquiesce and we will never surrender
To a narrow little island mentality and your nationalistic agenda

I have no desire to fight and bicker
With family, associates and friends
Yet how they disregard facts, our concerns and feelings
Slightly stings, yes even offends

You call me mean for fighting for what I believe
You call me immature for pointing out oppression
Well, enjoy your freedom while it lasts
I hope you never suffer from austerity related fear and depression

Fear for younger generations future
Worry about our insecure jobs
While you rub your wallet, scared stiff of immigrants
I fear unelected, cruel, privileged and proud, right wing knobs

Thank you for the instability
Thank you for more anxiety anew
I’d rather be called reactionary and loony left
than be as deluded and brainwashed as you

Whom I mean nothing to
First they came for….
….let us simmer and stew
When your rights are obliterated,
if I’m still around,
I’ll remember your silence and derision
and I will not be speaking up for you

It’s the same old story
(the haves dividing the have nots)
carving us apart by imaginary borderlines
The powerful and elite using us like Punch and Judy
Interfering with us, planting falsehood, fostering hate and molesting our minds

You talk about democracy
with a pouty little frown
As they place us into teams like a football match at school
You bemoan unelected officials and talk about being ‘great again’
Yet you have no problem with the unelected sovereign rule!

Hypocrites with your heads in your drink
If I wasn’t trapped here too I’d bade the island to sink
Into the North and Atlantic seas
Flailing and drowning –
just like your hated refugees

Like you don’t care about disabled people
Let ’em shoot us lame horses and turn us to glue
At least then we’d be useful huh?
I hope that one day it doesn’t happen to you

You value your independence
You love your NHS
Staffed by migrants
On the cards to be privatised
Open to all,
sorry, I digress

Not all of you are prejudiced, insular and bitter
Not all BNP, EDL, Britain First or UKIP lovers
But I think it’s fair to say that this tug of war is getting rough
and that this petty little island does not play with with others!

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