Firing Squad by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Morning sun spotlighting his face squinting into the rays

Accepting soon he will be done and up into the heavens

Or the last slap down and not remembering the end of everything


His hands tied behind his back and keeping himself rigid

Defiant and never a whimper for their satisfaction

They must know he’s innocent or do they not care

They are only fingertips to the triggers


Alone now he is the latest prisoner being filmed

For later use smearing him on the world’s news stations

While they eat their crackers and rice and chocolate pudding


He refuses the blindfold and stares straight into their eyes

They can blink but he will always be stuck in their memory

Returning in dreams and repeating over and over the message

Love is our only hope of continuance


Above and out of sight in the dawning light

The stars staring down at them

Taking aim

Just awaiting the Word

Ready to stuff out the last snip of arrogance


Those behind the soldiers

Hiding in their great towers… believing they control this world.



Not so long ago, Stephen Jarrell Williams was called by some, the Great Poet of Doom…  Now, he writes at night, enthused, and waiting for the Coming Good Dawn.

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