Untitled 1 by Gabriella Garofalo

Afraid you sound deluded,
Demise is an unreliable chart,
The fears it draws beside the water
Aren’t gleaming, know what?
In their eyes ancient gods
Still miss their chance,
Still miss their turning:
If waves and cliffs capsize the blue sails
They’ll fade away like an old lover’s silence –
No. They can’t go on, can they, yet hope
Insists at staring, ever the child at the fun fair,
Look, she cries, their souls are floating
White over turquoise stars
Stars ? You mean the bored old ladies
All smiles and gossips or the sahms who chat the day away?
She’ll never grow wise, that’s why her sky looks just like
The guest who dreams of being miles and miles away:
Who’s scaring him, the lunatic fringe of innocence
Or wild blue souls? Maybe the skinny girl sitting next to her,
So very akin to a raven on a misty afternoon –
Well, mark my words, that’s a catty comparison,
Is the world changing for the worse?
C’mon, my sunset, please don’t turn an angry blue patchwork,
C’mon my sky please don’t crack as if slashed by a blade
While autumn smiles wickedly
And silence feeds the anger of looming leaves –
I’ll atone for my sins, I’ll settle my debts,
I’ll even lavish my foes with miracles trinkets and treats –
My promise, yes, my sunset and sky –
You hear me?

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