Fabulous Fields by Elaine Christie

Such a sight I saw today
Where once these fields danced.

Two horses their hooves tied with twine
Dumped, discarded, dead.
Have we forgotten their legacy of loyalty throughout history?
The poor pit ponies blinded, lived and died in darkness.
Coal cart horses, whipped and broken by their burden.
Mules marred by unbearable weights – collapsed from exhaustion.
They have ploughed fields, pulled barges, wagons, drays,
Trams, fire engines, ambulances and Brewers carts.
Spirited sentients sold to the knackers yard to make soap.
Casualties were lost in circuses, movies and film.
Others gored to death in insane bull fights.
Bartered, drugged and lashed for a bet,
shot, disposed of with spent slips.

War – a fools folly
The caltrop, truly the Devils weed,
Pierced and punctured
Left you languishing in the bloody muck.
Used as shields for bullets and bombs.
And the ultimate betrayal
In brutal barbarity –
They strung you up
Human stomachs are your grave now.

In confessionals – men whisper
the number of wild mustang to be cleansed,
such a clean word –
but there’s no godliness – in cull.

You’re obsolete now –

Such a sight I saw today,
Where once these fields danced.

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Fields by Elaine Christie

  1. I agree with all of it – apart from the re-use of that cliche of Hodgson’s “wretched blind pit ponies”. I have researched about pit ponies and written about what I found – so I do know the phrase is not true. http://www.fellponymuseum.org.uk/fells/20thc/20thc.htm (a lengthy quote from in my book Hoofprints in Eden). That line undermines the rest of the totally justifiable rage for me… and if it were my poem I’d remove it for that reason. Otherwise, A1, spot on.

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    • My main point of this was ponies had all hair clipped off and lived and died an unnatural life. I watched an in depth programme on pit ponies and how some of them went blind and died in darkness. In other accounts their stables were underground and they only came to the surface during the Collierys annual holiday, so that is living underground for me! So I’m sorry but you are wrong, you cannot tell me of the thousands of ponies, mules horses used that none of them led an unnatural life, that none of them died of blindness and that none of them were mistreated! I don’t write anything I haven’t researched either!
      that line is different and has nothing to do with Hodgson’s lovely poem! So I’m sorry if the line upsets you, But It Stays!!!

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      • There is an article from ‘Wales Online’ on my timeline, which talks of the horrors these ponies faced including one going blind, falls, accidents and how some were destroyed on reaching the surface as they couldn’t adapt to the life they should have had. Horses, ponies were meant to gallop, roll over and dance in fields. Being an activist and passionate about all animals I have to know what I’m talking about, but Thank You for your comments!

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