Election post-mortem by Jonathan Taylor

Following the election pundits explained
why the pundits had got it so wrong.

We are sorry, they said.
We underestimated the People, they said,
their universal love for one another,
their beautiful way with strangers.

Our polls were black holes
sucking in the light.
Our pie-charts were sieves
through which a hidden wellspring
of crypto-hippies tumbled.
We didn’t film our nation’s march
hand in hand towards the sunset.
Our cameras were pointed at the dark

so we mistook inner-city waltzes for riots,
bankers’ hand-outs for looting,
ribbon-wrapped parcels for bombs
and poetry for politics.

It’s easily done.


Jonathan Taylor is an author, editor, critic and lecturer. His books include the novel Melissa (Salt, 2015), the memoir Take Me Home (Granta, 2007), and the poetry collection Musicolepsy (Shoestring, 2013). His website is www.jonathanptaylor.co.uk.

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