Where are all the White Roses by Anita Nabonne

He remembers

snowy white linen,

exquisite tablecloths…

and laughter as his trembling

fingers play with idle

shirt tails;


snowy white linen

folded back on tables,

smoothed by callused

hands while his eyes

were busy, drawn

to the streets –

still not hardened

to war, still dotted

with flecks of hope.


Today, outside

of his dark, crumbling

recesses where only

his mind is safe to wander,

life tries to carry on,

but its shoulders

are hunched from fear,

legs are paralysed,

tired, knee deep in rubble;

dereliction rises

along with memories

that were smells

of hot coffee

and fresh, frosted rolls.


Voices chatter briskly

as stretched nerves

are released temporarily;

screams tether

their hearts once again

to people they once knew

two minutes ago;

perhaps blown apart,

or maybe it was children

all along, simply playing where

they shouldn’t –

perhaps memories are

confused – perhaps.


Instantly, familiar sights

and sounds become

scattered roses

in a mind’s eye

to replace images of blood

and to lessen the pain of

cruelty and death

as the dusted air’s blooming

flourish wafts around

mouths and noses

that many years ago

would happily only hold

those old aromas

of vibrant life, warm bread

and fresh coffee

served on snow white linen.


How many tears

make it enough?

How many children

will it take to stir

our blood before

there aren’t enough

red rose petals?


A keen writer of poetry, stories and verses for children, Anita Nabonne enjoys writing to raise money for charity, once writing small booklets of illustrated romantic and children’s illustrated poetry which were printed free of charge by kind businesses. She writes articles for Conservation, three of which have been accepted by a Conservation blog just starting out. She prolifically writes diverse poetry and conservation pieces for her own blog. Early internet years saw pieces published in a few anthologies (Forward Press anthologies and Dogma. Recently 6 poems were accepted by Winamop online magazine and a short story was accepted by Fiction magazines. She lives with her American husband in the United Kingdom.

Blog: https://writingasitcomes.wordpress.com

7 thoughts on “Where are all the White Roses by Anita Nabonne

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  2. Anita is an extremely powerful writer, one that I am indebted to for stirring things from my dark, intellectual and emotional corners. This is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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