One-way Ticket by Patrick Williamson

We are the brethren in unity

we are the walkers on water see

we are the workers of drudgery

cross out cross-over cross to

bear with me for this is a journey

that often makes little sense

trans-human cross the plain

trans-gender cross the divide

which door that is the question

we are the united rages of the world

recycled end-of-life spare parts

and what reused words are these

on your list to check us off

we stand at your door that

all use by George he’s smart

slipping past me climbing the fence

for the love of God he slipped

the wire under the wheel we are

the brethren of unity my word

they’re crossing shut them out

but it’s no use they keep coming

why not question all you can

I think nothing, just there’s no return

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