Waters of Cauvery by Ananya S Guha

Now there is fight over water
bitter, the taste of it has left
foul smell. Only two dead.
The numbers are lessening
in this country, people more civilised
only two, out of millions
the waters of the river cannot flow
into another place. Water is ours,
bind it with ornate temples of hate.
Kill all of those who want the sacred water
polluted. Let others starve, commit suicide.
Water is ours. No left over to spill over.
I love my country, but we cannot spare
precious water. Otherwise we kill.
But only two? I ask, from the other side of a country.
Yes only two killed, but I warn you if more water
is let loose from our side, we will go to the other
and make it our land.
Ours is democracy
Ours is freedom to live anywhere
die anywhere
kill anywhere
Only two, I mumble.

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