Hornet’s Nest by Jessica Mookherjee

They    work     in clusters

It’s all down to the     diagnosis

she came into                                                             the       system


before last week she               wouldn’t have got a service,

she is convinced                     something is hidden


there is something wrong

with her.

We have the ability    to         do that,                       tell her

all referrals                                         will go


the same                                 criteria.

It is not automatic

that will happen.

The case will be

closed, though

often they are left open.                   paperwork


Will you close the case

if she doesn’t have a diagnosis?

In my previous team                          they die in winter


I was doing clusters

one, two,                    three –                                                they     were                picked up

as vulnerable adults.


Prior to the visit, just

give her information.             The sound of buzzing

The risk of falling

through         the       net.

We don’t want to

stir up the hornet’s nest.                    Workers tend to her needs

Use the standard forms, we will                                           inform her


we are closing the case.                                            pesticide


Apply the Care Act,

eligibility criteria,                               we have a waiting list,           we will  inform

her                                          there might be a delay

if she doesn’t have a                                                             diagnosis.


They work in clusters.

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