Homelessness and Fat Cats by Daryll Smith

I can feel the bitter breeze of the winter’s air

My body covered with goose bumps that layer my skin

I have no money to eat so I search the bins

People walk past and laugh but their so quick to judge but they

Don’t know the life I’ve lived and the days with my children I’ve missed

I walk with urine soaked clothes this is the summer of the homeless and there sun kissed

Skin please sir can you spare some change he looks straight through me and reply’s get a job

I fill with fire and rage from within I politely smile back say I am hungry and shake my tin

You all wonder why I look ill and why I am so thin I am banging on the councils door please please let

Me in 15 was the age I last slept in a bed since I am now  35 I live a dirty life 35 no goal no

Achievement’s   accomplished in my life so I overdose on drugs just to get off the street’s  for the night

Surely morally this can’t be right enjoy your bed tonight why I sleep in needle filled bushes till these

Shakes subside it a huge possibility that drunks could attack me tonight

What happen to the world’s leaders putting the wrongs to rights I have to keep on the move so I

don’t get moved on from the best spots for me to make the money for what I am so desperate for

so I remain out of sight as I said enjoy your comfy bed tonight  I guess I’ll just sit outside salvation army being

Kept awake by my hunger pains that eat me from inside as I close my eyes just for a minute just  Until I die.

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