Poem In 10 Parts by Clara B. Jones

  1. Stay Informed & Up To Date


Law and Order® is his favorite show because the criminals are always white like in Appalachia not in Chicago where brothers want to be like 50 Cent® but don’t make the grade…he’s good but not the best in rap history because Trump dreams of a night out with Putin in Las Vegas…let’s help the women in our lives but Milania probably won’t donate to Planned Parenthood® if she has another son to keep Trump in New York…he’s a man with a plan & Marla said it was the best she ever had though Ivana said he was her first so she had no comparison…he has such good hands—goes out—does it—it works…hired a tech genius who bought Ram® trucks that put Trump in attack mode when he got involved in the mistakes that were made…Old Spice® started aesthetic revolutions but Trump forgot to send a thank you card to his professor for starting a complimentary subscription last Tuesday & buying Wendy’s® nuggets for an extra discount.



  1. Stay Away From Cyberbullies


Martin King knew Jay Z’s® father Reeves & they flew to a Dolly Parton concert in Nashville where she introduced Martin as her favorite evangelist before he introduced Reeves as his road manager—turning to Dolly’s band to give them a thumb’s up & the drummer Don Francisco waved a Cuban flag in Martin’s direction shouting Viva Fidel! before Dolly said Ignore him, he’s crazy but he’s a good drummer…Reeves asked Dolly if she knew Aretha & Dolly said they don’t run in the same circles though she once met Gladys Knight at a party…Dolly asked Martin to sing “Hard Candy Christmas” for poor kids in Appalachia & Martin said I’d be honored to Miss Dolly!…Reeves whispered Give her what she wants! since the law has to evolve with technology & it’s legal to maximize profits where media is the most important thing.



  1. Sorry, I Made A Mistake


Brooklyn is not that far away but don’t lose the profits I’ve already made…Castro is a relative who Trump hasn’t met so he’s flying to Cuba next week…what a deal—shop now—stay close to your phone though it won’t work down there…for five years I’ve trusted Trump but this won’t last forever…he is always looking for something but never finds it…X is a function of hedge funds & I regret that but Cheetos® are the best chips in New York…Queens is Trump’s home though he wants to try something else so lets set him up [What is he thinking? Does he like me? Take care of Trump—OK? I’m telling you he’s a good father!] I could operate the Tech Center & a company could fix Trump’s apps though Smart Phones are a substitute for sex & that’s a plus but all he cares about is Tic Tacs®…Trump has Imposter Syndrome but has no power in the Psych Unit & doesn’t want us to be friends if I can’t promise miracles since losing makes him sick & changes his daily routine…the monsterkeet is a flightless bird so the oil painting is Trump’s since the art is grotesque though his fortune cookie said Losing is better than winning…North Brooklyn is the murder capital of New York where all know the way though Trump suffers from a decentered self.



  1. Neanderthal


King’s movement had no impact after the 80s when Neo-liberals took over the cultural scene that might have been social experiments…the half-life of #BlackLivesMatter is shrinking—fractured by psyches changed by the rise of ancestry.com® so that I am no longer African-identified—knowing that of my many parts Africa isn’t the whole since the whole is greater than its parts…20% of my friend’s genome is hybrid & she is Neanderthal-identified—emigrating to Europe to live in the Motherland…my partner is Muslim-identified because she wears hijab since her parents in Nebraska cut her out of their will…my therapist is German-identified because she read Das Kapital—now basing her practice on Marx not Freud…I asked her whether Race is a social construct & she said No it is a personal narrative.



  1. Melania’s cat was stolen…


…though she is a native informant who switched from white to colored after her cat was stolen by Jamal who studies math at Phoenix U where his online teacher told him he can write his own ticket…Melania’s cat slept on her chest & purred unless he drank hemp milk after nine & lay on the couch licking the Barbie® doll wearing the dress Melania sewed from her black leggings that were always too tight after she washed them in hot water…the dress was easier to make than the lace shirt she sewed for Ken® before her cat bit his left leg off…Jamal bought Melania two slices of pizza & she ate them after dumping the cheese since she is a vegan who likes pepperoni more than any other topping though her cat likes extra anchovies…Melania was never good at math so she majored in Gender Studies but the only job she found was at the clinic where black girls go for free formula & to see their friends once a week…Jamal asked her to have his baby but she wants to wait until he graduates though she quit her job & learned to make soy cheese pizza that tastes better than no cheese at all…Melania still eats pepperoni since—as Jamal says—Everything in moderation.



  1. Ecosystems In Crisis


Breath is humid since everything depends on hydrogen & oxygen not on L=o=v=e—simple as the Linnaean system—brown Bothrops striking a leg waiting in the wet tropics while guerillas on Osa were riding bareback shooting endangered monkeys & a little girl in Ithaca picked white trilliums almost extinct in Tompkins County woodlands…when women make mistakes they are ostracized by Japanese law & today’s breakfast is poached eggs on seaweed with sea urchin sauce on the side or two croissants with Gruyère & arugala jam & as much green tea to please an addict—adding cream or soy milk—vegans putting dairies out of business…once a man had his way with me like my mother wanted to do me in all my private places & bat caves are dark & wet—guano on earth smelling of mold & dung…stagnant water mixing with flesh of dead carp & too much oxygen in the lake not too far from that café where you smiled at me—closing your laptop as I looked plaintively at Edmund who found you beautiful while I considered you moderately pleasing—a male cardinal subordinate to a macaw in flight above a population of epiphytes—mutualists of every legume in the forest.



  1. Habits Of Modern Billionaires


The new Acadia® has arrived¹ to shift gears from a chef’s inspired recipe for adults after a late night of drinking with a hedge fund trader living in Trump’s car under the Brooklyn Bridge with a stray cat named Sven…the simple fact is that Trump has power over the fabric designer who covered his chair in green chenille which his sister liked though he preferred Scottish plaid that reminded him of Brexit as he was flying to Stockholm where he treated a patient with social distress who needed Valium® to eat soy burgers without fear brought on by kitchen trauma caused by flat soufflés…food is medicine & cold tomato soup is sold in every Stockholm pharmacy except on Sundays when devout housewives order sour cream & quail eggs with squash or kale…Swedes have low cholesterol since fish is never fried in copper pans with lard so simple decisions save lives & technology proves that health is in the details if Trump shops at a pharmacy without calling first.


¹General Motors®



  1. Trump’s Utopia


Trump bought a pair of headphones so he could live in a bubble since people are annoying & noise makes him nervous…a girl at work won’t stop talking but he’s sure he’s not missing anything he needs to know—like how to fight rebels if the skinheads in Leister invade Asheville…everyone figures Trump is Irish-American but ancestry.com® showed his great-grandmother was Kenyan so now he is African-identified & moving to Nairobi but Ivanka said Dad you are crazy to think you’ll find work there without a British accent!…she is supportive but wants him to read Henry James to learn how expatriates adjust…Ivanka studied Counseling at NYU & told Trump he suffers from delusions of grandeur but she relaxed when he promised to talk to someone at the mental health clinic near Koobi Fora…he went to Kenya’s embassy to apply for a visa & the clerk asked him his race before he said I am a proud African-American returning to my Motherland—so she stamped his passport & said Welcome home Mr. Trump!



  1. Let’s Get A Drink Or Something


If negroes lose their benefits they won’t assimilate but like the rest of us the Atlantic Passage was a moment in History…if I had Trump’s speed the Kenmore® washer would make colors last & I could trace the origin of his calls because in the scheme of global warming how salient is Ferguson?…there’s a range of plans to choose from & nobody sells more than Trump since low-interest financing buys soy espresso…keep watching all day in order to trace those calls but Trump never gets back to me so it wasn’t my decision to make…all Trump is concerned about is not getting caught & in principle he is legally justified…there’s something going on if the scene is a power code & Trump loses his case in court because he shops at Walmart®…a basic oil change is 30% off & I need to deploy ten chances to win though Trump didn’t show up to deal because I didn’t call ahead…he has paprika-colored socks so brown rodents will arrive in twelve hours if the Property Manager keeps watch all day with sci-tech & the blurred distinction between life & art shows that perception disrupts the way Trump sees the world.



  1. The Unknown Notebooks¹


Basquiat wasn’t the only one distinctly different from his contemporaries because art-historical status made it into the galleries—Crash—Daze—Lady Pink—Futura 2000—muralists with all-over designs as major elements…Basquiat was however—as SAMO—artfully executed but nevertheless intended to convey poetry…eight of his notebooks display the Brooklyn Museum crowded with entries from 1980 to 1981 when Basquiat was writing & painting on walls—playing with his band Gray—making color-Xerox postcards which he announced to the art world…it was not entirely clear to him what painting was dated 1981-1984 1983 & 1985 from a year before his death at 27…in 1992 Rene Ricard wrote— artistic maturity would have manifested a poet… Basquiat was a poet…




…you can hear the Black Arts Movement & the stabbing rhythm from his writing on walls to his paintings before they are anything else…Fred Brathwaite—a.k.a. Fab 5 Freddy®—said You can hear Jean-Michel…




…the notebooks sound like fragments of scenarios of “routines” like William S. Burroughs—constantly sounding like Burroughs—the notebooks faithful artifacts of nothing as much as my own notebooks…

Basquiat was an avid autodidact—picking up music everywhere he went—sometimes immediately from girlfriends’ schoolbooks from packages from the streets & the skeleton of “Moby-Dick” that Basquiat makes his own…like a poet his notebooks consisted of a single tag so the words are sketched…

the letters are shapely on the page the addresses & phone numbers are scrawled…Basquiat was a poet by instinct…in Edo Bertoglio’s film “Downtown 81” he writes in the distance to form a powerful poetic image perfectly formed with its partners precisely in the wall…the poetry as it is would break down for the paintings replaced with words…these are for ambiguity to see words at play like signs on visual rhythm with verbal percussion…the words form a vast inventory & complex matters—as in 1983 from Africa to slave ship as a kind of riot addressed in rebus-like structures…his laboratory of overall gestalt from the same world of sound.


¹Found in T Magazine, 8 March 2015


Bio: Clara B. Jones is a retired scientist, currently practicing poetry in Silver Spring, MD (USA). As a woman of color, Clara writes about the “performance” of identity, alienation, and power and conducts research on experimental poetry. Her poems, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous venues. Clara’s collection, Ferguson And Other Satirical Poems About Race, won the 2015 Bitchin’ Kitsch Chapbook Competition, and Autopsy, her chapbook of exploratory poems, was published in April 2016 by Gauss PDF.


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