God Save the Sheep by Lynn White

God save the sheep

baa aah.

Where would we be without them.

Who would lead if no one followed?

Why bother to whip up their storm of frenzy,

to feed them on blades of rumours

ready to become knowledge, to become fact.

Baa aah.

Say it again,

baa aah.

And only white sheep allowed,

of course.

No black or pink or purple

to shatter the consensus.

Colours cannot be tolerated,

along with druggies and drunks

and survivors of abuse.

Oh dear me, no,

not appropriate here.

Baa aah

And suppose they stay?

Baa aa aah

Plant their hooves in our cheap wet fields,

sneak inside our friendly flock

and contentedly munch

a thistle here,

a spikey rush there.

Baa aah.

Drown them out

baa aah,

baa aah.

God save the sheep.


Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality.




One thought on “God Save the Sheep by Lynn White

  1. I had joined a poetry group on Disquis. It was made of poets that I had worked among on LinkedIn. I posted a short poem about Trump, using my despair with the actions of the man and my difficulty understanding why anyone would follow this man. I was censured. I was called a political bully, so I looked up the profile on the man who labeled me a sheepal. Then he censured my comment offering to remove the post and that poets had the difficult path of telling the truth. I’m glad I have a WordPress site. The poem while expressing my own emotions at the lack of logic these people show, never accused Trump of doing more than being loud and red faced. So when I looked up his profile, I found a long set of letters that were bullying, rude, based on a lack of trust in anything government. In short, I had found a bull dog for Trump. I had offered a cover for the book, sent some previews from my collection. I now regret that choice.


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