The Bronze Cricketer Speaks by Emma Lee

Over seventeen years my patina’s darkened

but my mood’s lightened. I celebrate

County Championships won twice

but that’s the day job, why I was created:

to inspire future sporting success.

I screen out the Clock Tower

speakers and singers, watch people

shop, chat, take the weight off their feet,

kiss, greet or scurry off for coffee,

a fusion of fashions and languages.

I was a witness when Britain First,

were seen off, not once, but twice.

While the government talks

of securing borders, sending Navy

gunships to the Mediterranean,

people wrap those fleeing war

in emergency blankets: a gold welcome.

I wear one tonight on Refugee Week.

I would wear it more than twice.


Sporting Success – bronze statue by Martin Williams depicts a cricketer, footballer and rugby player to celebrate Leicester clubs winning the Coca Cola Cup (1996/7), Pilkington Cup (1996/7) and Britannic Assurance County Champions 1996 & 1998. On 18 June 2016 the cricketer was dressed in a gold foil emergency blanket during events to mark the beginning of Refugee Week.


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