A Social Utopia by Michael Marrotti

They want free


health care

as do I


An individual


for everyone

even your pet


A viable wage

the eradication

of poverty


Smiles on

the faces of

all human beings


A social utopia

where everyone

is holding hands


Free drugs for all

and free eBooks

that collect

digital dust

on the internet


Since a world

free of suffering

makes for a

literary genre

that’s accustomed

to bad writing


 Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh, using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he’s not writing, he’s volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man’s work, please check out his book, F.D.A. Approved Poetry, available at Amazon.


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