Lost Cities of Syria by Anita Nabonne

The land is in mourning,

pewter and cold rains

drench flowers

belonging to a summertime

long gone;

a time shudders back there

quietly awaiting an end.

Life after life falls

away from abandonment,

and hope, perhaps

absolving those that could

end or ease their suffering.

Tiny fingers release,

with last gasps, a clasp

and bitter struggle with white lights

and dreams in an idyllic garden

once tended for a burgeoning future,

both of which are smoking

and can survive no longer.

Slowly they close their eyes.

O lost and tranquil peace,

how weary they must be

and wonder –

is this perhaps death?


Anita Kulkarni Nabonne writes poetry, stories and verses for children and has had articles published for Conservation. She has appeared in anthologies by Forward Press and Dogma. Six poems were published in  Winamop magazine and a short story published by Fiction magazines. Three poems appear in Praxis magazine (Poets for Peace collaboration) and soon a poem will be included in an anthology to be released.

From the North East of the UK, she lives with her American husband.  Her blog is https://writingasitcomes.wordpress.com/

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