Just Around the Corner From Eden by Steve Sibra

You bend down with elegance
to kiss me
your lips are like soft warm butter

but then
Your head is like a kabocha squash
your buttocks giant swaying watermelons
Cherry tomatoes drip from your nostrils
like blood snot nursery rhyme punchlines

Your unwashed carrots grate on my nerves
but at the same time my banana bulges
fruit bats erupt wildly from my nether regions
orange pulp palpitates
mushroom crown nipple on your cantaloupe breast

I want to strip off your celery stalks
throw you down in a bed of spinach
fertilize your green regions

Until I awaken and find you still gone
the garden still barren, the soil gone sour
it’s all my own fault

I did not grow tall and strong
did not eat the right foods
did not listen to Mother

Did not get enough sleep
did not take the right vitamins
sweat the right minerals

So look at me now
dead stump in the garden
surrounded by weeds
home to snakes, bugs and winter
a safe place to hide spider corpses
and half-buried dreams
the only warmth promised
a thin blanket of snow
my only companion
the howl of the wind.


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