PMQs by Di Coffey

Can the Prime Minister tell us
if she gives a fuck
about the thousands relying on food banks?
And what about army vet, Bob,
who sleeps under a bridge?
Can we find a nearer treatment centre
for Lil’s kid who has mental health problems
and put an end to suicides among
the mentally ill forced to take jobs?
And can home-care be arranged for Martha
who’s been bed-blocking for months?

Is the Prime Minister aware that
the rent on Tom’s flat has increased
in parallel with his decrease in wages
and that elderly Cath, living in the sticks,
misses the library bus that
brought the world to her door?
Does the prime Minister give a damn
about London being cleansed
of unemployed families, forcing them
to live in cheaper houses up North?

Will the Prime Minister prevent
police and firemen’s jobs being cut?
What will she do about families
who work the clock around
for wages that keep them poor?
When will she say ‘piss-off’
to all the Richard Bransons
hell bent on privatising our NHS?
And when will she stop screwing the stats
to keep the poor off the radar?

Jesus said,
‘The poor you will always have with you’
Nothing’s changed then.

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