Tastes Bitter by Jennifer Lagier

The newly-anointed Cheeto-in-chief

surrounds himself with authoritarian white men,

signs draconian orders—

issues a global gag rule,

complete roll-back of environmental protections,

disconnects the public comments switchboard,

scrubs White House website.


On Day Two,

he claims millions voted illegally,

short-lists potential Supreme Court justices,

rabid conservatives favoring curtailment

of first amendment rights, civil liberties,

unreasonable searches and seizures.

He green lights controversial pipelines,

bans federal agencies from social media,

insists on a total news blackout.


California’s Governor calls out Trump’s universe of non-facts.

Constitutional experts document President Pussy Grabber’s

violation of the emoluments clause, file a lawsuit.

The rest of us bombard legislators with demands,

vow not to take this shit lying down

like good little Germans.



Jennifer Lagier has published thirteen books, taught with California Poets in the Schools, co-edits the Homestead Review, helps coordinate Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium Second Sunday readings. Newest books: Scene of the Crime (Evening Street Press), Harbingers (Blue Light Press), Camille Abroad (FutureCycle Press). Forthcoming: Like a B Movie (FutureCycle Press, 2018). Website: : : Poetry by Jennifer Lagier : :

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