Raping Women and children will not Bring you Closer to God by Anita Kulkarni Nabonne

Sanity screams inside my pillow

plump with mucus and squealing feathers

as I wait for those brave, armed men

to plunder my tiny corporeal vessel

and minutiae of cells.

Sometimes they slick on past my shivering,

sweat soaked, underdeveloped undulations,

to reach for intangibles hanging mid air

as if swatting flies, as if dragging the stars

down one by one while I lay contiguous

with prior scenes on replay

and as if he knows deep inside his inner child,

god does not want this, no god would want this

and not for me, his child.

He grabs and grasps while the vacant space,

devoid of humanity and conscience,

fills again with a cesspool of ideology –

it whirs and it chops down my womanhood,

and my freedom from unripe stems

that colour match the corrosion on the blunt blades

of fat, stagnant, stinking fingers and blood red

pomegranate relics.

Squished trophies lie with me among detritus –

I lie still, like dead leaves, mottled with the burnt fragility

of a young girl untouched by summer,

and who will never to be escorted by autumn.

My young life lives in rivulets of blood

flowing away from me. I am debris pitched

with the cloying darkness,

whose half sister, shade wraps around me

like a clinging film of black death as if to silence

me and prepare me for moonlight’s sharp,

acid drops when he frantically bastes me in hell.

He says raping me

will draw him closer to god.

O, wicked god, are you watching?

Betrayed by the moon too, I see his shadow –

a reflection of his dark self

when it becomes ingrained in the warped

and rotten floorboards which creak

with back breaking disgust and which are stained

with his footprints of vermin slime.

When he leaves us, the dirty floor and I

lie in the dust, unpinned from his religious

mental contagion and physical oppression…

until tomorrow.


Anita Kulkarni Nabonne writes poetry, stories and verses for children and has had articles published for Conservation. She has appeared in several anthologies by Forward Press and Dogma.  She has poems published in Winamop magazine, I am not a silent poet and a short story published by Fiction magazines. Three poems appear in Praxis magazine (Poets for Peace collaboration) and soon 2 poems will be included in an anthology to be released soon.

From the North East of the UK, she lives with her American husband.  Her blog is https://writingasitcomes.wordpress.com/

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