mic drop by James D. Casey IV

Crows peck at the eyes of blind

Dead men. As maniacs sell them

Pain in the form of pennies, and

Fear, and walls, and expensive

Holes to bury their brittle

Bones. The dogs all march, and

The vultures all lie, and the

Snakes all rape. None worth

Their weight in smegma stained

Panties of disease ridden whores.

All happening in the middle of

The shit covered street. All while

The “innocent” bystanders drink

Their expensive IPA. Wearing their

Fucking hipster clothes. Burning

Flags and posting political memes

On social media for attention

Whore “Likes.” Just to piss people

Off because they’re pissed instead

Of trying to do something that will

Actually make a positive change.

But rest assured the crows grow

Evermore ravenous, and we will all

Be blind and dead eventually. No

Matter how this whole charade pans

Out in the end. So if you’re a

Maniac be a maniac. If you’re a

Dog be a dog. If you’re a vulture

Be a vulture. If you’re a snake

Be a snake. But, if you must insist

On being a bystander…please

Stop drinking shitty IPA and wearing

Your fucking ridiculous hipster clothes.

As for the rest of us, wherever you

May stand, let’s share a toast. Because

This too shall pass, and hell, if it doesn’t,

Then at least we have a front row seat

To the season finale of the craziest

Show on primetime tell-a-vision.

Peace, pot, and anal lube, motherfuckers.


James D. Casey IV is a published author of two poetry books: ‘Metaphorically Esoteric’ & ‘Dark Days Inside the Light While Drunk on Wine.’ He is also working on his third under the title “Tin Foil Hats & Hadacol Coins” that is expected to be published within the next few months. Mr. Casey’s writings have been published in international ezines and on several websites. Poetry Life & Times, Artvilla, Realistic Poetry International, and Poetry Super Highway have him listed in their poet archives as well. You can find links to his books, social network profiles, and other projects on his website at http://louisianakingcasey.wixsite.com/big-skull-poetry.

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