A Jew’s Lament by Jay S Zimmerman

lost in darkness
a wandering Jew
on the road
from the Holocaust
to Jerusalem
standing among refugees
at water’s edge
at snow filled borders
wandering through bombed out
Palestinian villages
waiting at walls
and checkpoints
looking over
confiscated lands
I am a lost Jew
by my lover, Israel
she lives only
in dark shadows
with the entry sign
abandon hope
all who enter here
my eyes are weary
my tallith in shreds
God’s chosen people
hollow words
why is this night different than all other nights
because, the oil has run dry
and human screams fall on deaf ears


Jay S Zimmerman is a Midwestern US poet, an artist, psychologist and community and social justice advocate. He has been published in Matryoshka Poetry, Three Line Poetry, I am not a silent poet, Curly Mind, and Flying Island, New Verse News, Quatrain.Fish and Rats Ass Review.


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