People and Planet by Alexander Wharton

turning into misfits all kind of sinful tricks

public enemy number ones, misfits

children handling guns, before the sums

before the bubble gums, public enemy number ones

they talk of their neighbor and petulant behavior

they talk of danger, a savior! This government gossip

is a trick, a twisted politic with a tangled logic

you try not to slip or drown but you’re like a brick

It’s a trick like magic but they believe us to be thick

Please, don’t slip!

covered in a blanket that’s branded corrupted

written on a forehead and you believe what’s said

I’m dying, dead!

this conversation coloured red, this dread, this anger

this hate, I can’t leave it to fate

this one’s for the spoken it’s a token of admiration

It’s a token for believing and realization

cash it in and get the glasses that recognize fascists!

you’re not blind anymore and its red raw, dropped jaw

people asleep on cold concrete floors, damn raw and hungry

It’s real- it hurts me, it’s deeper than poverty

like the deep sea that’s soon to swallow the majority

this earth, this land, these people are real and they are too hot

these chemicals, this air rot and it doesn’t stop!

these trees, these leaves, we are to them a disease

though it doesn’t have to be, join in and plant a tree

I have no code of conduct, no nonsense, no culture problem

no disrespect for religion, no system, no specification

no particular colour just love for another

no discrimination or radicalization

just a good enough reason

for you to still believe in.


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