Forward Footsteps by Ceinwen Elizabeth Cariad Haydon

woman in front of me stumbled

child by my side fell

old man from behind stopped to help us

icy rain soaked us to the bone

we stood and slithered on

mud squelched into our shoes

fog stung our eyes and lungs

day became night creatures

stealthy red-mawed

left woodlands to hunt

our column of dozens nay scores

in flight from the last days of collapsed hopes

evil flayed into visceral swamps

a human river silted and creeping

easy flesh for predators

flash green orbs white teeth

saliva drooled dawdled towards dinner


ruby girl daughtered from strong mothers

saw the tower first

knew at once chance offered solace

she swerved and waved

exhausted spent we followed

through needle-eye door to sanctuary


once inside portal closed stairs rose to rooms

up and up – up and up

safe against dark denizens

hard labour haven hay lined

cossetted a new born bairn

love coaxed back to tribes of Judah, Islam and

those of no religion too

happy to hail humanity and start again

final chance risk all for peace not war

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