Ballistic by Dominic Albanese

2,100 trans gender people
killed since 2003 or so world wide
a corrupt govt here
in lock step with
in 4000 dollar suits
kids not get enough to eat
abuse neglect slander libel
an more cock a mamey lies
en Fibber MaGee….movie prophesy
songs poems polemics
nuke leak oil leak assorted natural
an man made disasters
is it gonna be Mad Max
or Monkey bang on monolith
I don’t know
religion greed politic greed
upmanshad …silly willy an the gang
calling all cars BOLO for any
*other*needs a bullet letter
to extinction
while really fat rich people
plot some outer space escape
leaving us me you n Gus
the mess they made
who knows? a whimper a bang
earthquake flood tornado?
or a
bunch of us
sittin on benches
crying bout why

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