Oil Spill by Michael Brautigan

I want there to be a merging
overlapping, superimposing
I want there to be as many
possibilities as possible
cumin together in unison
in outer space
the most beautiful thing
about a fist fight
is the sharing of blood
I want to infect you
with my incurable disease
I want to dump my junk
in your backyard
(and get the hell
away with it)
slippin through the alley
staying in shadows
wearing a mask
you never saw it comin
o ye authorized speculators
step into my garden
 Michael Brautigan is a poet, freelance writer, and activist who has published in the Milvia Street Journal, Unlikely Stories, Blink-Ink, Undergroundwriter, DM du Jour, Collective Exile, Carcinogenic Poetry, Red Fez, Return to Mago Way of the S/HE, Control Literary Magazine, Caesura Issue1 and Aubade, both edited by April Mae M. Berza.

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